So it’s good to see the band finally gracing the big screen, with a new song featuring on the latest installment in teen-fantasy series The Hunger Games. They’re not alone in this - the film’s Lorde-curated soundtrack also sports contributions from Bat For Lashes, Haim and Charli XCX, among others. But it’s hard to think of an act better suited to the epic backdrops of Blockbuster cinema.

Partly, of course, this is in the presentation - ‘Dead Air’ is a stadium-sized synth anthem like many found on last year’s excellent The Bones Of What You Believe. But it’s also down to Lauren Mayberry’s lyrical concerns, and her knack for adapting the language of conflict and epic struggle to smaller-scale scenes of romance. “We hold up to an idea / And we fight what we can’t see,” she sings, before declaring, “this is a call to your arms”. Love has rarely sounded so epic.