Nailing boho is tricky. It’s hard to pull off an eclectic look that is still unified and doesn’t look too messy. On the other end of the spectrum there’s the sanitised boho look that was championed by various celebrities in the 2000s (here's looking at you Sienna). So how to get it right? Dani shows us how it’s done, with different patterns, prints and materials. Her look clashes but it works perfectly together. She fits in with the Portobello market surroundings, which has no doubt helped her source her vintage finds and informed her new venture. She recently established The Market Cartel which helps anyone around the world shop market traders who have stalls in London from Portobello to Clerkenwell.

Dani is wearing:
Jacket by Betty Bamfield
Kantha blanket: vintage
Top by Work Wear
Trousers: '70s vintage
Shoes: vintage Daks
Jewellery: vintage Indian gold
Earrings: '70s vintage 


Text by Prudence Wade
Filmography by Théo Clark

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