On a street in Little Venice not far from the brutalist architecture of Saint Saviour’s Church there’s a pocket of pastoral utopia called Clifton Nurseries – a gorgeous place where you’ll find both get-up-in-the-morning glories and lazy daisies.

The plant nursery in Clifton Villas has been open since 1880 – its fern room is the very same extension built two centuries ago. The business has been passed down from generation to generation, beginning with Johannes Adam Krupp, who started out as an apprentice gardener at Kaiser Wilhelm II’s gardens in Berlin before he moved to London and purchased the lease for the nursery.

Clifton Nurseries now sells London’s widest and most exotic selection of indoor plants – as well as outdoor plants, garden furniture and accessories. Squidgy succulents, vastly tall potted-trees, a rainbow array of orchids, azaleas, delphiniums, verbenas and rubbery, red anthurium all feature amongst the endless varieties of botany on offer.

As the days are getting longer, we think Clifton Nurseries is quite a splendid place to spend a spring day; its Quince Café is certainly packed with ladies sagely taking sanctuary amidst the greenery with a fresh mint tea.

For her trip, Adeline wears flowers, flowers, flowers – first, a pretty organza dress from Rochas printed with little blossom-faces – akin to those of Alice in Wonderland’s flower-bed choir. She dresses it down with an ochre-toned softly-tailored blazer from Marni.

In her second outfit, her Rochas top features the same first whimsical print on watercolour-esque organza. The layers of her Isa Arfen peplum skirt hang down like foxglove – vivid petals of red and pink. Both pairs of heels from Tabitha Simmons feature cheery floral motifs. Take a leaf out of Adeline’s book – feeling as pretty as a flower is the most fanciful way to feel at home within the nursery’s fantasy of flora.


For more information, visit the Clifton Nurseries website.