Nestled inside two glass-fronted railway arches between the Hoxton and Haggerston overground stations, Turning Earth Ceramics’s wide, welcoming studio is flooded with sunlight. Part of the makerspace movement, it's an open-access members space for both professionals and hobbyists alike, with masterclasses available and a huge array of clays and equipment at your muddied fingertips.

On our visit, Carolina got stuck into some pinch-pot creation wearing head-to-toe Céline (as you do). Utilitarian in feel, the smocked cotton co-ord worn with comfy and gorgeously intricate rattan slippers allowed her to move freely and indulge in some afternoon craft. Phoebe Philo’s Céline is all about a mix of modernity with textural experimentation, intriguing twists, folds and sculptural curves – a bit like clay itself, we think. And the bag? A fully-formed, finished article of cobalt blue and putty-grey goodness.

For Tallie Maughan, who opened Turning Earth in 2013, the idea for the studio came out of "a moment of perfect happiness". "One day, throwing a set of plates on the shores of a dried up lake on the Stanford campus, surrounded by agapanthus and hummingbirds under the Californian sun, I had the idea for Turning Earth," she tells us.

Tallie's crowdfunded dream is now a large community space, with state-of-the-art wheels, massive electric kilns, a glaze booth and a pug mill. But for all its industrial get-up, there’s a real sense of intimacy about the space and maybe a bit of California Dreaming spirit is also imparted in its floral garden workspace for sunshine sculpting and its cozy wood-decked mezzanine for lounging out and drinking tea (served in in situ creations, of course).

For those who want the wares without a side of elbow grease, the space is throwing an Easter ceramics sale on 26th March: a market and party open to the public where members of Turning Earth will be selling their beautiful ceramic articles. There will be live music, street food, hot cross buns and warm, spiced cider – it’s the perfect opportunity to potter around the studio and realise your own cheeky Unchained Melody moment.

For information on memberships and the Easter ceramics sale, go to