Almost directly across from Euston Station lies one of London’s best kept secrets — a free gallery brimming with curiosities, begging you to come in and expand your mind. The Wellcome Collection, established in 2007, houses regular exhibitions that explore the ties between medicine, art and life, as well as a library — not just any library, we’re talking over 750,000 books here people — events, places to grab a nibble and more. Our inquisitiveness got the better of us; we took a look around Sir Henry Wellcome’s foundation, but not before slipping into some sophisticated duds.

Wear This:

Thea starts out her morning with a cup of tea, wearing a matching plaid blouse and trousers from Brooks Brothers — the perfect comfy accompaniment to her Earl Grey. She paired the cuffed hems of her trousers with a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals.

Before Thea made her way into the Medicine Room she wanted to be ready to investigate, and for that she needed an outfit that meant business. She slipped into a navy top from Phoebe English’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection with raw edges and asymmetrical hems. The trench coat and trousers were borrowed from English’s Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection — the designer’s first venture into menswear and a collection inspired by English’s boyfriend. Underneath those billowing trousers was a pair of knee high patent boots from Thomas Tait’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection, a cheeky sartorial power play if there ever was one.

Go There

As Thea sips her drink in the Wellcome Kitchen, she is thinking about how nicely her teacup compliments the contemporary interior of the restaurant. She moves just across the second floor to the magnificent Reading Room. More like Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement than simply a space to crack open a book, you’re encouraged to examine medical artefacts, start an impromptu philosophical salon or do whatever strikes your fancy in this newly renovated treasure cave. At last, Thea makes her way to Medicine Now, a permanent exhibition examining a range of scientific developments by doctors since the year of Mr Wellcome’s death (1936).

The Wellcome Collection is located at 183 Euston Road, NW1 2BE. For more information, visit