Shoulda, woulda, coulda. London-born illustrator, designer and writer, Daisy de Villeneuve’s latest book I Should Have Said is a blithe retelling of moments of l’esprit de l’escalier from de Villeneuve’s love life – but in these illustrated pages, she’s equipped with quick-fire retaliatory prowess.

She’s also been busy with the launch of Fanpages by IDEA, for which she contributed a series of felt-tip illustrations of album covers from artists like Cyndi Lauper, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Idol, George Michael, Joan Jett. Last week she attended the Fanpages launch party at Dover Street Market. De Villeneuve says, “I had all the contributors signing my book – including Roksanda Ilincic and Louis Theroux!”

A woman enabled with powerful hindsight, we asked de Villeneuve for some foresight for the week ahead. Below, she shares her to-do list (and a very different to-do list taken from I Should Have Said).

Alex Katz: Quick Light at Serpentine Galleries, Kensington

"Tonight I’m attending the launch party of American painter Alex Katz’s exhibition at Serpentine Galleries. I’ve always admired his work – his unusual colour stories and compositions are endlessly inspiring."

Bettina von Zhewl: Invitation to Frequent the Shadows at Freud Museum, Hampstead

"On Thursday night I’ll be at another launch party – for a friend of mine, a psychoanalyst, at the Freud Museum. And then dinner with friends at the Lebanese restaurant Al Hamra in Shepherd’s Market. 

A Bettina von Zhewl exhibition opens at the Freud Museum this week, too. Her photographic work is wonderfully subtle and sentimental, and definitely worth the trip."

Greenhouse N16, Stoke Newington

"Friday morning, I’m visiting Greenhouse N16 for breakfast – my friend runs the place. It’s primarily a creative, community workspace but it has a café onsite in a high-ceilinged, skylit, botanical space. It’s a suntrap in the summer – and the healthy menu is unbelievably good, too."

Printers and Stationers, Shoreditch

"Sunday is my birthday! I’m throwing a party at my flat. A friend of mine is coming over from Washington DC to celebrate with me (and to carry wine and groceries home, plus helping with last-minute party prep!).

For wine, I love to visit Printers and Stationers on Columbia Road. It has great wine and it’s quite cheap. I lived in Paris for three years so I’m big on wine! It’s hard to come by a good red wine in London. During an early experience here I ordered a house red at a shady-looking pub in Chelsea – my wiser friends had beer – I didn’t even think about it, because great wine in Paris is only 3€. I had a sip and thought, oh my god! We’re not in Paris anymore! But the wines at Printers and Stationers are failsafe."

Retro Exchange, Notting Hill

"When I lived in Portobello I used to go to Retro’s Vinyl Exchange. You trade your clothes and either get cash or double the amount in vouchers. That’s what my sister and I used to do when we had no money: sell our clothes and buy records! Instead of buying food! I have a ton of vouchers leftover still. If I have time, my sister and I have talked about returning to use our vouchers. Under the helm of “Retro Exchange” they have several stores: a menswear store, womenswear, books and comic books, and the record store that reopens next year. The vouchers work across all the shops. It’s brilliant."

I Should Have Said is available online at WaterstonesFanpages is available online at IDEA.

Daisy de Villeneuve is represented by Breed London (Instagram: @breedlondon). For more information, visit Daisy's website. Instagram: @daisy_de_villeneuve