Because there’s no better way to start a preview to a collection with a basil-infused gin and tonic. But not just any basil – it’s the basil that grows out of the compost created out of the OneByMe fabric leftovers. Talk about a full brand experience.

Launched in June 2016 as a result of the first collaborative graduate collection ever from MA Fashion at the Royal College of Arts, OneByMe is the lovechild of Miles Dunphy and Elsa Ellies. Finishing each other’s sentences and complementing each other’s aesthetic, Ellies and Dunphy are a match made in heaven. While Ellies crafted her skill as a pattern-cutter at Rick Owens, Dunphy comes from an urban background – obsessed with music, basketball and movement. And their unisex collections made out of 100% natural materials embody both of their visions perfectly. The monochromatic tones of their seamless knits and the clean lines of their two-seamed jackets fall somewhere between urban streetwear and contemporary tailoring – reflecting on where fashion is right now.

OneByMe autumn/winter 2017

Their business launched thanks to the financial and mentoring support of the Investment Committee at InnovationRCA, where OneByMe were the first fashion start-up to get selected to be part of the programme focused on developing innovative and ground-breaking young businesses. Biodegradable fabrics, sustainable clothes making and a mind focused on society – it’s obviously the business of tomorrow

As they are putting the finishing touches to their spring/summer 2018 collection which they are showing as part of the London Showrooms during London Fashion Week Men’s this week, the looks come across as a more refined version of what we’ve seen during the women’s shows in February. OneByMe staged a guerrilla performance with an Instagram-cast and a vibrant soundtrack in front of the Tate Modern, just before the Fashion East show. “We weren’t on the schedule so we just decided to do it ourselves,” says Dunphy, and it was definitely one of the more memorable moments of London Fashion Week. Even though their presence this season is more by-the-book and static, the new OneByMe designs still radiate with rebelliousness and a need for movement. The basil-prints over classic wools and linens, loose silhouettes mixed with some knitted wardrobe staples – it’s a wearable feast of eye-catching street fashion.

The preview of OneByMe spring/summer 2018

Their grand vision is bigger than creating sustainable clothes – it’s about pursuing the idea of creating fashion as part of a community. “One by me means two things – it’s one-piece garments by Miles and Elsa, but it also suggests the idea of empowering other people to create with us,” shares Ellies. Their plan after building a strong brand is to create a make-lab with OneByMe one-piece patterns pre-printed on fabrics, allowing the public to come in and create their own Monster hoodie or a Zoot trouser. The future of OneByMe is bright, green and fertile. And we can’t wait to see what grows out of it.

Shop OneByMe at Farfetch with prices starting from £100 and at the Library, 268 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2AS.

Text by Dino Bonacic