Because the days of the brash, over-the-top 1980s neon belts are far gone, and it’s time to get proof that being cinched in can look chic. A statement belt is the best mid-season investment piece that will take you from summer to autumn and tie in even the simplest of looks.


Tom Ford cut-out ombré belt (£810)


Straddling the line between a medieval belt and a harness, this cut-out belt embodies the old and the new. The chestnut brown gradients into a unique cognac hue, giving an otherwise classic earthy colour story a completely new look.

Caravana Chuuy braided belt (£110)


Some days, you need a breather. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, the Caravana braided leather belt sits at the top of the pyramid of its Mayan-inspired collection. Inconspicuously nude-toned and tightly braided, it boasts a silhouette that is as slim as it is subtle.

Calvin Klein rhinestone belt (£1,852)


The new Calvin Klein by Raf Simons is perfectly summed up in this show-stopping rhinestone belt. Anything but minimalist, the rope-like finish boasts meticulously placed crystals on a nickel base - proving to be this season’s pièce de résistance.

Isabel Marant Lecce leather belt (£95)


Classic with a twist, Isabel Marant’s Lecce leather belt exists purely to perfect the silhouette of any outfit. Adjustable through a flexible loop and absent of any hardware, it adapts to the wearer’s body providing a bespoke belt experience.

Maison Vaincourt Kyoto leather belt (£276)


Reminiscent of a traditional Japanese Obi, Maison Vaincourt’s Kyoto belt takes an Eastern inspiration and makes it completely modern. With a magnetic strap which ensures a close fit, this statement piece will work both over a slinky dress and a chunky knit.

Text by Maya Menon