Because it represents the ultimate mix of vintage and new. The British Vogue fashion editor has worked with one of the coolest denim brands on a capsule collection, called Golborne Road, of 1990s-inspired cross-seasonal staples and the results are absolutely fabulous. The flared denim jeans à la Chloé Sevigny, a Henley shirt inspired by Anita Pallenberg and a soft-pink silk dress that looks like it came straight out of Bianca Jagger’s closet. It’s a set of unique pieces reminiscent of Bay Garnett’s favourite activity – vintage shopping. So, to celebrate the exciting launch hitting the world wide web today, we talked to Garnett about thrifting, styling and working with M.i.h Jeans.

Because: Why did you decide on the name Golborne Road?

Bay Garnett: The Golborne Road conjures up an area, vibe and attitude that goes with the style, inspiration and source of the collection.

Because: If you could take one of the eight pieces from this collection in a time-travelling machine and gift it to someone – who would it be and why?

BG: I'd give Debbie Harry the camo-tiger shirt. Brooke Shields circa 1984 would get the blue jeans. The pink silk dress would be for Lauren Hutton. I'd give the Anita top to 1970 David Bowie from the 1970s – I think he might like that. And Prince and Elvis can pick whatever they want.

Because: What's your best thrifting find ever?

BG: There are so many! My banana-print top that Kate Moss wore in my first ever shoot for Vogue with Anita Pallenberg, where we used all of our own clothes, is one. Phoebe Philo later went on to copy it in a collection for Chloé. Another is the top I've re-designed for this collection – the black oriental–style drawstring top –  which I love very much. Or a studded, punk belt that I've had for years.

B: What's the one vintage piece that got away?

BG: One item I loved that got away was a brilliant camouflage body – the print was amazing. A cross between camouflage, leaves and flowers in mustards and greens. I still think about it! Oh, and there was a [Jean-Paul]Gaultier leather waistcoat.

B: Remembering the 1990s, who were the people that formed your dress sense and thereby influenced this collection?

BG: I spent a big part of the 1990s hanging out with friends that loved charity shops and Portobello Market. Kira Jolliffe and Anita Pallenberg were the two most influential people when it comes to my style. Both of them total trail blazers and originals.

B: What's your one piece of advice when styling vintage?

BG: My tip would be to make it look cool and not vintage. Mix it up with both new and old – it should be seamless.

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Interview by Dino Bonacic