This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of Levi's most iconic pieces: the 1967 trucker jacket. Rising to popularity during a time of rebellious rock n roll, female emancipation and a heady political climate, it’s a jacket rich with history and, needless to say given its worn-in vintage appeal, only gets better with age.

The original denim jacket 

To celebrate the occasion, Levi’s has partnered with 50 figures of note from around the world – everyone from musical icons to influencers and athletes – to ignite the DIY spirit that’s made the jacket so popular over the last half-century. Big names like Chance the Rapper, Virgil Abloh, Solange Knowles, Snoop Dogg and Karlie Kloss have designed and customized their own Trucker jacket. Our own Caroline Issa got involved, turning hers into a global memory map using fabrics and beaded pins she's collected throughout her travels. Our advice: get a trucker, and grab your sewing kit!

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