Beirut-born, Paris-raised and London-based. Designer Racil Chalhoub, of the namesake brand Racil, is a woman with a wealth of experience in international style. But, it’s Paris, where she grew up, that has had the biggest influence on her approach to design. Parisienne nonchalance, ease and timeless chic is dominant in each collection she designs.

But, perhaps, most telling is the fact that she designed her entire label around one particular French staple: Le Smoking jacket. Launched in 2015, Chalhoub wanted to provide a slouchy tuxedo jacket that could be worn dressed up to the nines or paired with a pair of old jeans running out to get your morning coffee. She found many of the interpretations of the classic stiff and formal and, like many designers before her, was driven to make something she truly wanted to own. 

This week sees an exclusive collection launching on (on Thursday!), with 27-pieces to mix and match. It will tempt you with double breasted blazer suits in sugary pink, deep maroon, baby blue and black, dainty camis and bralets to wear underneath and matching satin neck scarves. The collection is one we’re dying to get our hands on. 

We caught up with Racil ahead of the launch:

Who got you inspired for the Matches exclusive collection?

The exclusive was inspired by all the Racil girls out there who all wear their tuxedos in their own way. It’s based on our best shapes in a palette of sunrise to sunset tones.

What do you look for in the perfect tux?

Look for a cut that suits the attitude you are in the mood for, it could be a shawl lapel or double breasted jacket, high waisted palazzo pants or skinnies, just go for the one that fits your body type best. A well cut jacket with great detailing is everything! 

What makes a great night out? 

Always wear something that makes you look beautiful and confident. A good outfit, good friends and cocktails are the best ingredients for a good night out.

What is your soundtrack of choice for the moment? 

Woman by Rhye

RACIL digital trunk show will go live 26th of October 2017 on