Baby, it's cold outside... So cold, in fact, that those in-the-know have already assigned this whole frosty spell not one nickname but two!

How to tackle 'The Beast From The East' or #StormEmma? Whichever moniker you deem most apt, the snowy snap requires nothing short of the heftiest outerwear – and we've got just the thing! 

A collaboration between Alex Eagle and TROY London has brought about the 'Eagle' Parka – a limited-edition look that combines classic design with contemporary styling flourishes. And it couldn't be more timely!

Before locking in and layering up, read what the women behind the season's coolest cold-weather solution have to say on the subject...

Alex Eagle, Founder and Creative Director of Alex Eagle Studio and The Store

Behind my brand is the idea of creating cohesive building blocks for your wardrobe – collecting things that form a uniform and become part of what you need every day. There’s always time for something embellished and fun or colourful, but I’m trying to help women build a working wardrobe. I make silk shirts and bespoke suits – the luxury underpinnings and tailoring that we all need – and it was through looking at these components that I realised a Parka is an essential addition for any wardrobe. Whether you’re trudging through the countryside or in London wearing trainers, you can just throw one on! In England especially, you can pretty much wear a heavy Parka for eight months of the year…

We were working with TROY London already through Soho Farm House in Oxfordshire. It’s a real English heritage brand – the fabrics and mills are in England, the styles are all Made In England, and they themselves are English women – but it all still feels contemporary! When it came to the design of the Parka, we exaggerated things to make that classic look feel a little bit more exciting, from the size of the hood and trim to the slightly larger pockets that play on what you know, but in a different way. The orange lining is reminiscent of the 90s and that archetypal Parka that we all remember, but we’ve given it a bit of glamour.

When considering potential collaborations, you’d like to be reading from the same hymn sheet, where it feels cohesive and in-line with what you’re already doing. TROY London already had the great fabrics and factories and Made In England approach, all of which are really important to me and my brand – plus, a Parka never really goes out of fashion!

Rosie Van Cutsem, Co-Founder of TROY London

Our Parka collaboration was about bringing comfort and practicality together for any weather or condition, while also making it chic and a little bit more contemporary. From the zips in bright gold to the lining in that really bold shade of orange, to the trim of the collar that comes right around your shoulders – these touches add more of a design edge to something that is otherwise quite practical. Basically, you have to really pay attention to every little bit of the coat.

We’ve also spent a lot of time playing with our fabrics; it’s a British-milled waxed cotton on the outer. It’s lovely to support British mills, especially when the result actually does do the job properly – keeping out the rain, while staying beautiful and maintaining that really luxury feel. That is absolutely the DNA of the brand TROY London, and it’s how we can create wonderful things for the great outdoors that are also chic and stylish.

Alex has the most wonderful style, and we’ve always loved it! As individuals, as well as a brand, we also lean towards understated glamour – we don’t go big on logos, and ours is typically a very muted palette, but then we add little pops of colour to make it fun and bring it up-to-date. Alex’s approach and our own works really well together. We’re excited about where the collaboration will lead from here!

Click here to shop the Alex Eagle x TROY London Parka, available in faux fur.