By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress (or BITE for short) is laying its cards on the table – proffering a sustainable approach that is, quite literally, the name of the game.

Headed up by William Lundgren, Veronika Kant, Elliot Atkinson and Suzanne Elvi, the contemporary, artisanal design collective proves that strength really does lie in numbers.

Not only do their interests sit in creating beautiful garments and a working environment that is ecologically, socially and ethically sound, their manifesto pledges fair wages, sourcing that does minimal harm to the ecosystem, materials that are made of natural fibres, small-scale production that’s local to London – and, crucially, in a bid to bite back against fast-fashion, an eschewing of the construct of ‘seasonal’ wear. Indeed, sustainability takes on multiple meanings for this pioneering quartet. 

To learn more about what drives them, we sat down with Creative Director, Elliot Atkinson – the man responsible for developing each design by hand, from sketch through to sample – to get under the skin of BITE’s exceptional design philosophy.

Click here to visit the BITE Studios site.

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