Fashion and philanthropy don’t always go hand-in-hand. Yet, when the two combine, therein lies something magical – both inside and out.

If you, like us, are looking for pieces that go beyond face value, you’ll find them in Chinti & Parker’s new capsule collection in partnership with Women For Women, a charity that supports and raises awareness for the cause of female survivors of war. 

Anna Singh, co-founder of Chinti & Parker, explained to us precisely what it was about the cause that most resonated with her. 

How did the collaboration with Women For Women come about, and why was it a right fit for Chinti & Parker?
I couldn't help but be captivated by the incredible work that Women For Women do. As a business founded by two women, we felt that we had an opportunity to voice and create designs that showcased positive female messages. We came together and, through the shared trait of being women who know what they want, the concept and designs manifested themselves relatively simply. The aim was to use existing signatures – such as slogans, hearts, and the Love Sweater – and give them a ‘womanhood’ spin. We ended up using and playing with the traditional female Venus symbol, as well as creating a slogan sweater and T-shirt to outline some of the key roles that women can play.

The pieces celebrate the power of individual women as well as the special bonds between them. What is it about those relationships that’s so special? 
As a mother to a daughter and a daughter to a mother, these unique bonds are something that I’m grateful for each day. The strength and partnerships that we create in life are so special. It’s so important that women stand together as one voice and empower each other to contribute to a world that we feel proud of and our daughters can thrive in. Women for Women International has built a bridge that enables us to create relationships with women in need. I’m incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a society where both men and women are equally appreciated; this is not the case for all women sadly, which is the reason for this collaboration. 

Having been lucky enough to live in a more stable part of the world, we owe it to other women to help. Those who don’t have access to education, who have been stripped of their rights, who, despite being very hardworking, find it difficult to support their families, need our support. 

Today, we recognise this and hope to enable them to create unique bonds with other women in order to further themselves. 

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