Feminism, flares, funk... We have a lot to thank the 1970s for!

Now, in his new 'After Midnight' capsule collection exclusive to Browns (a first for the designer), Michael Halpern pays homage to the era with a sequin-spangled series of six boogietown beauties.

Before hitting the dancefloor in full glittery glory, we speak to the man who's hell bent on bringing the groove back to fashion...

What is it about the 1970s that you find so appealing? Is it the glamour of the Studio 54 image, or something more nostalgic?
It was the era my mum and her friends lived through, so I grew up constantly hearing stories of their wild experiences! I think what's most amazing about that period of time in New York is the attitude. It was tough back then, similar to today. I really connect with the world view they had – it’s really reflective of our current society.

Do you think being a New Yorker by birth is something that’s informed your designs? How did that then evolve from studying in London?
I love New York, and I think the American history of glamour is absolutely a part of my work and always will be. Doing my Masters at Central Saint Martins encouraged me to take risks – there isn't much of that in the US at the moment. At this stage of my career, that whole world is somewhere I work much more.

Your designs are definitely made for dancing! What song is guaranteed to make you move?
I do love disco, of course – but I love all types of music! Love a power ballad... Basically anything with an amazing beat that I can tap my feet to. Everything besides country music; I do not like country music whatsoever!  

What does the future of fashion look like?
Varied, and more niche.  

Complete the sentence: 'I do what I do, because…'
I do what I do, because I can't fathom doing anything else!

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