Instant gratification has its benefits – however, occasionally, putting a pause between cause and consequence can feel so much more rewarding. After all, patience is a virtue...

Do you recall the joy of waiting for film to develop after a family holiday? It was the anticipation of the unknown – the thrill of discovering that those arms-length selfies (pre-Instagram filters, natch) actually worked! 

Well, we adopted a similar approach over London Fashion Week. In an attempt to cut through the noise of the smart-phone image reign, we avoided it altogether! Cunning, right?

Because, whatever you may have heard, speed isn't everything...

Enjoy! xoxo

All that glitters is Michael Halpern.

The woman of the hour, Hannah Weiland, at Shrimps.

One-Star Hotel; five star collection.

Haute couture meets prêt-à-porter.

Stairways to heaven; thoroughbred suiting.

Opposites attract! Tonal layering vs. bold colour blocking.

Fifty shades of pink...

Backstage smiles; Front-Row views.

All images shot on an Instax Wide 300 and an Instax SQUARE SQ10.