If there’s one accessories genre of which we’ll never tire, it’s that of sculptural jewellery-cum-wearable art. We’re never fully dressed without our conversation-starting #FaceFurniture and bold-as-can-be bijoux – be it erring on the modest and minimalist side or teetering towards 'extra' complete with added embellishment.   

Rio de Janeiro-based jewellery designer Paola Vilas deconstructs the lines of the female body and harnesses nature’s marble and sodalite stones for her own statement-making oeuvre. Naturally, we fell head over heels, and simply had to find out more from the woman herself.

Your pieces celebrate and convey the archetype of femininity. What was the intention behind this?
When I create my pieces – a celebration of female power and energy – I want people to deeply connect with them, whether that’s through feeling empowered, more secure or for simply just loving it. More than ever, it’s important to hold onto the connections you make in this crazy, stressed-out world; finding someone or something that you can truly connect with is what really matters.

The use of marble is incredibly unique for a jewellery brand. Is there a specific reason behind your decision to work with this material?
Marble has always fascinated me, because it’s like a print. Every piece of marble is unique with its own structure, lines, shapes and colours; the use of it in my work is a nod to nature. I’ve lived in Brazil for my entire life, and the nature that surrounds Rio is really exuberant. The best thing is that you get the same feeling of awe every time you look out of the window… You never get used to its beauty!

Likewise, there’s also something hugely original about the line you take with your designs – it’s curvaceous and undulating.
I chose to work with curves and lines, and nothing is super structured or hard. I think this perspective also comes because of Rio’s scenic views and how the city itself works – everything is flowing. My designs are a combination of metal, which is rigid, and something more organic via marble and pearls.

Art plays a huge part in all of my work – from Pablo Picasso to Jean Cocteau, Kumi Yamashita and more, there are so many artists I look to for inspiration. I love Peggy Guggenheim’s collection; it’s the muse for my new collection.

Please complete the sentence: I do what I do, because…
I do what I do, because, for me, creation is like a catharsis. It’s just something that I have to put out to the world.

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