To paraphrase Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion doesn’t last. (Or something like that!)

Here today and gone the next, seasonal trends are as fickle as they come...
But don’t despair. Bleak and/or stress-making as that sounds, there are certain style mainstays that boast the mileage and adaptability to go the distance; these are the powerful few that make up the backbone of our wardrobes. The trick to wearing them again and again, is knowing how to transform their appearance.

To illustrate this, we’re serving up a trio of style suggestions around that most ubiquitous of wardrobe items, the classic black turtleneck – all of which give it the guise of something fresh and, dare we say it, fashionable.

The artful curves and clever darting of Catherine Holstein’s high-neck knit for Khaite combine to prove that a simple style proposition needn’t equal to bland execution. Crafted in merino wool for a luxurious feel – which, when the garment is this timeless, you can actually afford to invest on – it gets to work delivering a refined foundation to Acne Studios’ on-trend plaid dress, an androgynous blazer care of Sonia Rykiel, and Joseph’s caramel-hued leather jacket, without batting an eyelid.

Because you needn’t buy new each and every season: It’s simply about knowing how to wear what you’ve already got!

Get style savvy! Shop the full trio, here:

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