For all of its perils (think a three-hour black hole of scrolling that you’ll never get back), Instagram is a hotbed for the new, the niche and the noteworthy of fashion.

Lost among the labyrinth of algorithms and paid partnerships, hidden gems and independent thinkers are just waiting to be found. That's why we’ve decided to put our incessant scrolling to good use; to shout about the brands that we’ve discovered, which champion a sustainable and socially aware approach across ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories. Here are three of the best... 

Suzanne Rae
Footwear takes a feminist approach at New York label Suzanne Rae by Suzanne Rae Peleaz. As well as preserving Italian craftsmanship and tailoring, working with artisans in fabric mills that are committed to sustainability, the brand collaborates with several women’s groups around New York City ­– seeking to empower female-kind across the board. Environmentally friendly materials reduce the products’ impact on a wider scale; plus, in a bid to eschew the mountains of waste that the mainstream industry spurts out, slow fashion remains at the core of its ethos.

Image from @suzanneraebk

Janis Studios
Brainchild of Parisian wunderkind Janis (who needs a surname, right?), Janis Studios is an ethical bag brand that’s based out of New York – where the designer now lives – with a little love from Paris. Emphasising ethical practice and materials (her denim bag is made in 100% upcycled denim from Guatemala), Janis is garnering a loyal community online for her delicious designs and the label’s clean conscience. Odds are, the open-top square Darka Bag has probably appeared in your feed on more than one occasion...

Image from @janisstudios.

Rave Review
Recycling is chic. Don’t believe us? Look no further than Rave Review, the Swedish label that’s headed up by Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, which has made ‘Upcycling Couture’ its creative signature. From the second-hand clothing and pre-existing textiles that are used to craft each collection, down to the very name of the brand itself (which Josephine and Livia ‘recycled’ from a vintage label), the Made-in-Stockholm brand lets nothing go to waste. Creating unique pieces on a limited scale, their offerings – which have shown at both Paris and Stockholm Fashion Weeks – are reshaping sustainability and the concept of haute as we know it.

Image from @ravereviewclothes

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