What? Flying Pig bracelet by Gucci.

Why? Where many of us wiped the proverbial slate clean on 31 December, the Chinese Lunar New Year is on the horizon – and we’ll be dressing the part!

Following the 12-year sexagenary cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs – including the rat, ox, dragon, sheep, monkey and dog – all of which are steeped in meaning, 2019 sees the Year of the Pig step forward, bringing with it good fortune in life.

In true Gucci fashion, a ready-to-wear, accessories and footwear capsule arrives in homage to the animal and sign, to celebrate the turn in the calendar. Where last year, the Year of the Dog was marked with the faces of Alessandro Michele’s Boston terriers, this year, whimsical illustrations of Disney’s Three Little Pigs and playful, flying interpretations of the creature make for focal points.

We’re singling out the latter, locked onto a chunky bracelet – crafted in pink resin, with a Mother of Pearl effect – as our must-have accessory of the week. Wear it now in celebration of the festival, which lasts until the Lantern festival on 19 February – and for the following 365 days to embody the good-tempered, king-hearted and positive traits of the pig in all its glory.

Click here to shop the full Chinese New Year capsule by Gucci.

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