It might be a little temperamental outdoors, but in true optimistic fashion, we're getting geared up for glorious sun-drenched days and picnics with pals. 

Turn yourself into #gardenpartygoals in an instant with The National Gallery's art-inspired deck chairs, which, unlike their stripey counterparts, are masterpieces in their own rights, bringing art to the affair. Our pick of the bunch? Claude Monet's Bathers at La Grenouillère print for its picturesque backdrop. To follow the artistic theme, Loretti Camponi's hand-painted carrots make for the most charming napkins. Wipe those crumbs away in style!

Meanwhile, what would a picnic be without a blanket? Nothing special! Arket's grey knit number makes for a cute backdrop to your picnic snaps, while keeping you safe from a muddy disaster. 

Elsewhere, the outdoor hero piece award goes to Anthropologie's parasol, that is a fun, pom-pom-lined way of protection from the sun. Pairing it with & Other Stories' chic tortoise shades and Les Reveries strappy dress in pink, you’ll look daintier than Alice at the Hatter’s tea party. 

Make your dream picnic a reality and discover the full edit, below:

Click here to shop the National Gallery deck chair, in Monet's Bathers at La Grenouillère print.

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