Thought you’d seen enough chunky soles to last you a lifetime? Well, think again! According to SS19, there’s going to be a whooooole lot more where they came from...

Boots by Urban Outfitters; Socks by Happy Socks.

Where the buzz around “ugly” trainers (read: the clodhoppers that your Dad once sported to your childhood swimming galas) seems to be gradually fizzling out, we’re spying another on-the-rise style that’s cut from a very similar cloth...

Boots by Ganni; Tights by Acne Studios.

Filling the shoes (pun intended) of their XXL cousins, ankle-cum-trekking boots – from Gucci to Ganni and Urban Outfitters – are appeasing the current penchant for platforms, while melding peak comfort and bold urban style. Yes, you heard right: Hiker’s going haute.

Boots and tights by Gucci.

Seeing is believing. Watch the film – and take a hike!

DoP: Jasmine de Silva
Fashion: Abigail Gurney-Read
Fashion Assistant: Carmen Bellot

Scene #1 features boots by Ganni and toeless tights by Acne Studios... Scene #2 features boots by Urban Outfitters and socks by Happy Socks... Scene #3 features boots and tights by Gucci.

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