2019 has been a year of awakening for many fashion brands and buyers – finally sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of people’s minds (we’re all just realising things). As a conscious generation, we now care about our clothes and their lifespans, instead of giving in to the cheap temptation of fast fashion. With people now living by the motto #buylessbuybetter, we thought it would be useful to get to know the brand and its cunning gadget whose M.O. is to keep your keep your clothes beautiful.

Founded in 2014 by Frej Lewenhaupt, Petra Ringström and Martin Lingner, Steamery Stokholm’s key objective is to help reduce clothing waste. The brand is a young garment care company spearheading the encouragement of looking after existing clothing, by creating a series of steamers and fabric shavers designed to help prolong the lifespan of garments. With over 300,000 tonnes of garments being sent to landfill in the UK each year, Steamery has a huge opportunity to make an impact.

We got to know two of the founders, Frej and Petra, to find out why steaming is so beneficial, while we also got some hot tips on where to find the best coffee in London… (Spoiler, Petra tells us it’s concept store, Aida Shoreditch).

Why steam your clothes?
"It’s an easy and sustainable option to ironing, it freshens up your garments in between use and the steam will enrich the colours to make the fabric feel thicker – that’s why steaming is the oldest trick in the fashion industry."

How do you use the Steamery steamer?
"It works like any steamer, but it comes with a handy how-to, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you keep your clothes looking fresh."

Steaming from the outside
This is the most common technique for steaming. For a professional result, hold the bottom of the fabric and press the steamer onto the piece. Use this technique when steaming the front of a shirt, blouse, jacket or similar, arms and pockets.

Steaming from the inside
This is how steaming is done in the fashion industry. Steaming clothes from the inside allows you to get a clear view of the wrinkles smoothing out. It also makes it easy to put pressure on the fabric. Good for: The backside of a shirt, blouse or similar.

Use the heat protection bag
Wear the heat protection bag as a glove and put pressure on the fabric with the steamer head. Great for smoothing out wrinkles in thicker fabrics as well as create a press look. Great for: Shirt collars, cuffs, pockets or when steaming the bottom of a shirt, blouse or dress.

Steam horizontally for a pressed look
A steamer can also be used as an iron! Use a towel as a base for your clothes and press the steamer as an iron. Great for creating a pressed look on pants, arms and shirt collars.

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