What... A trio of summer bags from European brands: LoveCan, Misela x Mrs Alice and Alameda Turquesa. 

Why... Because the more, the merrier! 

We're nearing high-summer escapades... And you know what that means: sand underfoot, rosé in hand and deadlines all but a distant memory.

Getting geared up with a wardrobe that's as in the spirit as you is half of the fun. Forget packing light, we're in the camp of paying more for extra weight to have ample choices at hand.

Natch, we need a bag for lounging on the beach, one to accompany to fine dining in the evening, and one to house just a few essentials while nipping out for said rosé. Here are our frontrunners…

Based in the beating heart of Bodrum, Turkey, Nihan Gider's brand LoveCan is known first and foremost for its collections that take inspiration from its coastal surroundings. Along with creating ready-to-wear and footwear (including white linen dresses and leather sandals), bags of all shapes and sizes are mainstays for the brand – with each style given the name of a woman from Aegean and Greek Myths that influence their designs. We're championing the cream crochet knit 'Mica Day Bag', complete with a handmade wooden handle, for doing what it says on the tin: seeing you though the day... In style! 

Misela x Mrs Alice
Another Turkish design house, Misela (which was founded by Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Serra Turker), too prides itself on catering to myriad occasions with a roster or styles across the board. This summer, the brand has teamed up with London-based influencer Alice Naylor-Leyland a.k.a Mrs Alice, to tap into the ongoing trend of personalising goods with initials. Created exclusively for Because Magazine's Caroline Issa, we're crushing on this dinky clutch for accompanying on drinks after hours. 

After a day of sun-basking, nothing beats getting dressed up and heading out for fine dining culinary adventures. It goes without saying that accessories step forward here to elevate looks. Known best for their 'pom-pom' shoe, which came first before the brand made their foray into bags, Portuguese brand, Alameda Turquesa – founded by mother and daughter duo, Ana and Carolina – answer our plea for fun arm candy. Its handmade 'Lanai' style, created with pearls galore, makes for a chic dinner date if we've ever seen one... 

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