No two people are the same and the same sentiment goes for style. We see similar 'vibes' all the time, but, ultimately, style is a very personal thing. To spotlight the eclectic tastes that make us who we are, and the stylistic nuances that hold the power to transform looks, our Two Takes series sees the Because team stamp their style on key pieces. This week, Studio Manager and Writer, Rosie Barton, and Fashion Assistant, Carmen Bellot, take on co-ords.

Brits Abroad

Rosie says: "In the manner of a celeb trying to get out of there - I ventured into our ‘Jungle meets Beach’ look with a desire to look like a tourist en route to a Malaga strip but with a little extra CHIC. And how better to scream the rowdy, British holiday-maker, pockets filled with all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet jam sandwiches and the chalky white face only achieved by lathering on Factor 50++ Baby in the Shade Ambre Soleil, than with a bucket hat, sandals and sun burnt hair. But despite my best efforts to appear a little on the dorky side,
Victoria, Victoria Beckham's horticultural co-ord, had me turning over a new leaf. True to my seven year long relationship with Doctor Marten himself, a pair of his sandals couldn’t go amiss and having covered the sensible (nothing’s more sturdy than that rubber sole), a nod to the exotic, in the form of a Preen by Thornton Bregazzi bucket hat, sealed the deal and had me marching off to find Ant or Dec in our very own urban jungle (or prim, English gated-garden, behind Waitrose….) 

Carmen says: "My biggest chore when it comes to holiday prepping is the dreaded task of packing. While the anticipation of #OOO antics keeps motivations high during this burden, I’m always on the search for a timely solution to speed up the process. Much like Rosie, I've looked to Victoria, Victoria Beckham's pyjama set as it answers said problem in a jiffy. With its multifunctional mix'n'match nature it makes for a failsafe multi-outfit holiday staple: it's minimal packing (thank the fashion gods!), comfortable enough to sleep in, and matched with Mango's heeled sandals and Finlay London sunglasses, it's a strong look for sunset cocktails."

Twinning in Tailoring 

Rosie says: "In the words of the late great Cher Horowitz - "It’s only a true co-ord if it matches your hair”. Or at least that’s what she would have said had I been writing the screenplay – and what a shame it is that my film writing career has yet to take off. But, seriously, pink suit and the hair to boot. Speaking of boots – Shania Twain eat your heart out, these Toga MARVELS are everything I’ve ever wanted from the Wild West and transport this suit from silk finery to cowboy shinery… Not a word but its meaning is definitely helped out by the Alighieri jewels and Astely Clarke pearls. As a final touch a pair of pink (obviously) Ashley Williams x Ace & Tate sunglasses, shield my eyes from the midday sun as I sashay off to find my horse."

Carmen says: "Forever a lover of tailored timepieces, & Other Storiesblazer and short combo has cemented a permanent place within my wardrobe (and heart). While the styling possibilities are endless, I’ve favoured a retro approach – opting to take inspo' from my school days where headbands and polo tops were aplenty. Crowned with a pearl headband from Wald Berlin and a floral Maje polo, my nostalgia styling is still en vogue in 2019. However, paired with Toga's heels, the look has quickly been elevated from school uniform to working women chic."

All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go

Rosie says: "The hills are alive with the sound of hooting buses and heckling cyclists, as this Von Trap family singer waits for a cab, clad in the quintessentially-English printed, Emilia Wickstead co-ord. Taking my cue from the Spanish Armada which bespeckles the full skirt and blouson-sleeved top, I felt a touch of heavy, silver chainmail would do the trick and Paco Rabanne’s silver bag rather anchored (excuse the easy maritime pun) this look. The cherry on the cake comes in the form of Alexander McQueen studded boots, which rather escalates the meaning of ‘a kick in the teeth’ – but then it’s not really Mcqueen without a bit of punky dramatisation. To quote Maria, “Tea, a drink with jam and bread!”, or alternatively, something less eccentric and more relevant: “These are a few of my favourite things”."

Carmen says: "
Eveningwear is always a tricky barrier to hurdle especially when terms like “smart-casual” are bounded around. Some of the questions associated with said conundrum: "What is smart-casual?", "Does this mean I can wear trainers?", "Will I be the only one in a party dress?" can leave us in an existential crisis that results in an unusually lengthy amount of time staring at ones open wardrobe. But alas, Emilia Wickstead has heard our cries and created the perfect co-ord to negotiate such situations.

Alongside the two piece, I've looked to Ganni's Tiger print T-shirt for its shimmering gold and brown stripes stand out at any party; Malone Soulier’s Dorothy Gale-esque mules to marry  the functionality of a flat in a party- apropos  shoe, and for the pièce de résistance Alighiera's pearl earrings that add a touch of old-school elegance to a modern look. Et voilà, smart-casual done properly!

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