Plato first said that necessity is the mother of invention, and he wasn't wrong. As we wake up in our fourth week of working from home, the Because team have been discussing the things that keep us sane and optimistic in these uncertain days. As a platform for sharing the things you should care about, we've wondered how we do that in a light-hearted way.

We all agree that what keeps us happy, makes us cheerful and fosters our dreams is in fact the act of celebrating desirable things made by creative people – objects we could happily treasure – and sharing the manifestations of ideas that become reality.

Our newest feature, Fantasy Wardrobes, is shot at home and, with a little digital magic, layered with some of our favourite pieces we've found online. So with a bit of invention and a lot of necessity, we hope to show that the online world is our oyster and do Plato proud.

Caroline Issa's out fantasy shopping again...
I got a press release recently titled "Are socks the new shoes?" and I found myself nodding in agreement. I only put on shoes once a day these days, if I'm lucky and venture out of my flat for my one brisk walk in Regent's Park. And even then it's running shoes. And while I long for the day to get my feet into a proper pair of heels again, I'm pretty much living in cosy socks as the days are still chilly enough for a bit of warmth. These are a few I found that satisfied my need for colour AND comfort. And all with my TRAVE camo trousers I can't get out of! 

Faded florals are always a win, either on walls or on socks and these Prada fluffy socks, available at (on sale, no less), are like wearing art on the feet.

Then comes these red, tight socks from Arket, almost the polar opposite in their crisp, dry texture but totally tubular.

And these velvety, softest of pink ones? I can only imagine that you'll glide across the floor in ecstasy while avoiding any news to break the bubble.

Last, but not least, an actual rainbow - these Happy Socks truly do make me happy.

Shop TRAVE and socks below:

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