Plato first said that necessity is the mother of invention, and he wasn't wrong. As we enter into our fourth week of working from home, the Because team have been discussing the things that keep us sane and optimistic in these uncertain days. As a platform for sharing the things you should care about, we've wondered how we do that in a light-hearted way.

We all agree that what keeps us happy, makes us cheerful and fosters our dreams is in fact the act of celebrating desirable things made by creative people – objects we could happily treasure – and sharing the manifestations of ideas that become reality.

So as we are taking care in our homes, we bring you our newest feature, Fantasy Wardrobes, shot at home and, with a little digital magic, layered with some of our favourite pieces we've found online. So with a bit of invention and a lot of necessity, we hope to show that the online world is our oyster and do Plato proud.

Carmen Bellot, Junior Fashion Editor
The 'getting ready' chapter of going out is almost more fun than going out itself: the excitement of what could transpire is looming, and the reality of drunken stupors and words that shouldn't be uttered is at that point, unimaginable. With going out not being possible right now, I can rejoice in my pre-party routine even more! I've decided on this Paco Rabanne number as my (fantasy) dress of choice, and have opted for these Jimmy Choo's as my Cinderella shoe – we should all live in hope of meeting a Prince Charming on a night out, whether it's likely to happen or not.  The pièce de résistance? A Rodo trunk, as it's elegant but with a twist – just like how I take my martini.

Nasreen Osman, Project Co-ordinator
Undoubtedly, staying home has made me nostalgic for my tight dress, high heel college days and although I can't wait for a post-lockdown big night out on the town, I'm mostly looking forward to those spontaneous Friday night outings. Those days when you casually meet up with friends after work but as it gets later and later and finally nears the final tube times, you give each other that "look" and know you're going to stay out all night. Those are the nights that call for a casual but ready to party look, a blouse like this Ganni one that translates from work to bar and these Gucci heels that'll keep you grounded during the late-night, slightly intoxicated walk over the cobblestones. 

Delia Wagner, Publishing Assistant
That's it, I've done all the self-discovering and self-improvement I can think of: I'm learning new skills, turning my bedroom into a gym every day and brushing up on the books that have been on my 'when I get the chance' reading list forever. As nice as it has been for my body and soul, right about now I really miss a good night out dancing with my friends. Luckily I can indulge in my fantasy wardrobe of disco dreams featuring this Alexandre Vauthier dress, Marques'Almeida feather trim pumps and Kenneth Jay Lane earrings. The dance floor might still be my living room and the DJ Spotify, but I'm ready to get my moves on.

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