We don't need to hark on about why we should all be thinking more sustainably – there's enough news about the climate crisis to clearly tell us that – but even for the best of us, we still need a nudge in the environmentally friendly direction to make the changes that'll better our planet.

In this day and age, a reusable coffee cup is no longer your get-out-of-jail-free-card for acting sustainably in other areas of your life. Now more than ever, we need to be putting our green thinking caps on and addressing how we can buy more sustainably with the clothes we wear, the beauty we put on our skin and the ornaments we place in our homes. So, this September, we're doing exactly that.

Our new 'Sustainable September' series will be highlighting the best sustainably-minded products and brands that range over fashion, beauty and homeware, everyday throughout the month, showing that there are earth-affable options that you can opt for. Today, we're looking at eco-friendly brand, Arkitaip, and their unique linen clothing and crochet bags that are made to last.

Two of the ongoing juxtapositions that we have had to face during our sustainability series was; is it possible to consume, while also looking after the planet? We are all fully aware by now that fashion has a dirty secret about wasteful consumerism, but what we've tried to highlight is that it's worth investing time and money into brands that don’t contribute to the industry's dark alter-ego.

But Arkitaip, an eco-friendly brand creating sustainable buzz with their made to last garments are spearheading positive intentions within its realm, as every product is designed to be kinder to the planet.

Founded in 2018 by mother and daughter duo Michi and Lea Wieser, Arkitaip was born out of the idea to provide women with a wardrobe that is made to last. And the preferred material of choice? Linen. One of the oldest materials in the world, linen is made of flax; a sturdy plant that is happy to grow with rain water, while prospering without needing any pesticides. A natural, biodegradable, low impact material that is local to Europe, and meant that the brand could keep their carbon footprint small. After weeks and weeks of studying the impact of different materials on the environment, Michi and Lea came to the conclusion that linen was the most sustainable option out there.

Their entire collection is made of 100% European linen certified with the MASTERS OF LINEN®, they source their material from Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria, allowing them to support local jobs, good working conditions, and of course a lower carbon footprint. All the fabrics carry the OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard-Label, meaning that Arkitaip’s material have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless in human ecological terms. Mother and daughter personally oversee their supply chain, and work closely with a small team of seamstresses in Portugal, making sure to uphold the highest ecological and social standards.

It’s not just the clothing that's eco-conscious and cute, Arkitaip’s crochet bags are a thing to behold. Each one is handcrafted by Michi in Vienna (who is an expert in crocheting with more than 40 years experience), where the process  takes 3-15 hours and are made to order. Pre-order to have your pick between the Paulina, Carlotta and the Candela crochet phone case bag.

Through the brands tireless efforts to create effortless, and beautiful garments without hurting the planet, they hope to inspire their consumers to live and breath a more sustainable conscious life. Now that’s what we call making a positive impact within the fashion sphere. Fast-fashion, take note.

Shop their latest collection here, and to pre-order a crochet bag, click here.

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