How do you improve an already delicious-looking bag? By making it smell as good as its design… obviously. Following the successful launch of the Fendi Frenesia Yellow Scented Baguette line in December 2019, luxury Italian house Fendi, and legendary French perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian have been baking again, creating the Fendi Frenesia Pink baguette bag.

We've been long-term fans of the iconic and cheekily dubbed baguette bag, since it was first designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997. This season the beloved accessory now comes with a synaesthesia experience, the evocative, inimitable and evanescent experience of touch, sight and smell has been created in the form of the Fendi Frenesia Pink. 

Thanks to a patent filed back in 2014 by Francis Kurkdjian for reviving the tradition of scenting leather, the house's signature Selleria Cuoi Tomano buttery Romano leather has been coated in a luxurious fragrance. While the Fendi Frenesia Yellow baguette was marked by it’s leather and musky notes, the Fendi Frenesia Pink merges a gender-fluid floral into cheerful eau du perfum. Don’t worry about the scent fading, as the bag comes with a 5ml bottle of Fendi Frenesia Pink fragrance, which can either be spritzed on a card and subtly tucked away inside your bag, or can be worn on the skin.

Will we ever be able to go back to a fragrance-less bag? Thankfully we don’t need to find out. Join us as we rush to the exclusive stockist at Harrods, to get a whiff of the tastiest smelling baguette around.

Shop the Fendi Frenesia Pink now online, or in store exclusively at Harrods.

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