The love story of an 'it' fashion is a simple one: having been spotted on the most fashionable of folk, this will lead to an internet frenzy where consumers will go to any odds to get their hands on it. On the quest of attaining such an item, most are left heartbroken, staring at an out-of-stock button where it once said 'buy now'. Except, with the help of The List, this needn't be the final chapter.

Having first launched in 2016 by Andreas Skorski, The List started as a global e-commerce market place. Fast forward to today, the company is launching an Initial Product Offering model to their business, which gives consumers the opportunities to get access to hard-to-get products without any waiting lists or queues.

"The IPO model is an antidote to the excess inventory, discount battles and similar assortments most retailers are currently struggling with," explains Skorski. "Besides access to new, exclusive, highly coveted products without restrictions, consumers are also presented with entertaining and exciting shopping events that provide newness, celebrate product launches and thus restore the notion of preciousness and value.”

Much like on the stock market,
an IPO on The List has an opening and a closing date and can only be purchased during this time period. The initial listing price of an IPO, which for newly released products is the recommended retail price, will go up or down depending on the dynamics of existing demand, available supply and the remaining time window.

With a roster of brands available, you'll easily find the latest Yeezy trainer to Telfar tote, as well as be able to preorder the next season of Jacquemus goodies. For those who prefer the sustainable option of shopping secondhand, there's an accumulation of vintage gems from the likes of Chanel, Hermès and Louis Vuitton to keep your shopping cravings satisfied. Do we need to look anywhere else?

If you're keen to avoid the heartbreak of losing out on your dream dress that seems unavoidable elsewhere, being on The List could be your saving grace.

Find what you desire on The List.

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