A new season means new clothes. However, like people, clothes do not exist in isolation. When investing it’s important to think about how a new piece will fit with what is already hanging in your wardrobe. For a sustainable approach to consuming fashion (and without having to Marie Kondo your wardrobe every couple of months) a central item with which to work around offers manifold styling potential: an opportunity to experiment with proportions, texture and colour.

With that in mind, we’re offering different ways to style some statement pieces – showing that you don’t just have to stick to neutrals when thinking long-term.

This week we're highlighting different ways to style our favourite autumnal print: check. But with so many on offer, we've narrowed it down to our favourite three coats and adjoining looks, that'll offer blueprints of inspiration for your winter outfits.

Look 1: Scandi Cool
We can thank our Scandi neighbours for a lot of the style cues we incorporate into our everyday dressing; from clean cut and sophisticated shapes to bright and daring colours, we have learnt a lot from their unique way of dressing. To incorporate the aforementioned into your autumnal wardrobe, we recommend the Baum Und Pferdgarten coat  – which has gained cult status on Instagram – as your starting point, and pair with fellow scandi brands to truly encapsulate the Nordic aesthetic. Because the coat does all the talking, incorporate retro inspired jeans for an effortless vibe, and we couldn’t miss an opportunity to include the iconic big collar Ganni blouse. Throw on a pair of heeled loafers for an instant injection of chic, that will subtly pull the outfit together. 

Look 2: 90s Grunge
The 90s grunge aesthetic has been on our radar for the last few seasons, and has shown no signs of disappearing any time soon. Check was prolific in said decade, and to this day, is still the easiest way of incorporating the attitude sartorially. Take styling cues from Kurt Cobain, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss for an authentic over-sized, nonchalant outlook on dressing; remember less is more. And, this See By Chloe flannel coat is proving that the favoured decade is back with fervour, so stick with the disheveled aesthetic, but make it chic; layer a bright jumpsuit underneath, and stomp around in a pair of chunky boots. Remember, we want 90’s reference but with a modern twist, so make sure to accessorise with some tasteful earrings

Look 3: Double Check yourself
When it comes to checks, why stop at one? Bracing ourselves for winter has never looked so good, and not only is this double checked coat made from upcycled deadstock, but its propensity to be styled in a slew of ways, means you’ll be getting more bang for your buck. Rave Review’s tartan coat is bold and subtle at the same time, and will quickly dismiss any nostalgic thoughts of summer. Style it with a maxi skirt, and a cosy roll neck jumper, and dress up the outfit with some heeled boots, if you are looking to brighten your look, we suggest accessorising with a statement bag.

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