What... The Tsarouchi sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals x Zeus + Dione.

Why... Because these sandals will make you stride as if you're a Greek native.

The birthplace of philosophy; the home of some of the world's finest olives; and the setting of you-either-love-it-or-hate-it musical Mamma Mia: Greece has a cultural reputation quite like no other. But what often goes unnoticed (unjustly so) is their sartorial contributions, despite the global recognition that quintessentially Greek brands, Ancient Greek Sandals and Zeus + Dione, have accumulated. 

And now the two Athens-based brands have combined their design expertise to create a capsule of summer shoes. Consisting of a mix of clogs, lace-ups and of course, Greek sandals, the collection incorporates each of their loves of the island with traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Whilst it is hard to pick, this strap style takes poll position for being as comfortable as they are beautiful. Made in the brand's native country, the black, camel and cherry leather straps mould to the shape of your feet, and are harnessed by a winged buckle – a signature shape for Zeus + Dione. And as you can see, they fit so well that we're jumping for joy whilst wearing them!

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