The community spirit that arose from the pandemic has also been felt within the fashion industry as of late, sparking an influx of beautiful collaborations that have caught our eyes and hearts. And this year, we've fallen head over heels for the latest collaborative efforts of NEOUS and Completedworks, having created our next lockdown purchase in the form of a mule

"I’ve always loved Anna’s work and I feel both our brands share a similar voice in product and image," shares NEOUS founder Vanissa Antonious, who approached Anna Jewsbury of Completedworks when she wanted to create a new style of evening shoe. "I wanted to design an accessory for one of our footwear styles with the intention we would all be partying in the streets by now. We didn’t have the resources or the time given everything that happened last year, and Anna’s work came to mind almost immediately." Together, they explored their shared passions of the organic form and the purity of natural materials and created the Serpens; a kitten heeled shoe with a gold-plated brooch. "The coiled length is poised at the brink of unravelling, against the calmer backdrop of the shoe itself," says Jewsbury. "There’s something of an expressive optimism in the composition of the brooch and shoe together." Joy is something that this floor-stomping piece of art certainly exudes. Whether your striding the pavement to your local supermarket or enjoying your first evening out post-lockdown, a quick glance at the curvilinear bijoux placed on the pointed toe base is bound to draw out a smile – take it as your sartorial reminder that the pandemic is yet to unravel you. 

As well as it's design, the organic nature of this partnership is also warming our hearts. Antonious elaborates further, "I think working with someone you respect and whom you share a similar vision brings such pleasure, you share a creative synergy and that I think is rare." In a similar vein to the duo's partnership, our relationship with the Serpins has elevated to solemate status.

Shop the Serpins here.

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