The approach of that weekend in August is always met with bittersweetness; first comes the excitement of a four day week and a three day weekend, but this is quickly diminished by the stark realisation that back-to-school month is drawing closer. It doesn't matter how long ago your graduation date is, September's approach brings the same sense of dread that was also felt all those years ago. It's a definitive marker: summer is over.

And with that sentiment, comes the pressures of having to enjoy that last weekend to the fullest. Will you be spending it by relishing in that extra night of partying/another hangover day that's now available? Or by stimulating your mind through the cultural experiences the city has to offer? And if you'd rather focus on figuring out how to say sayonara to summer, use this moodboard as a guide of what to wear whilst doing so.

The Self-Care Expert
Forget drinking until dawn, for you, a three-day weekend is the perfect opportunity to look after yourself. Wellness isn't just part of your lexicon, it's a lifestyle; meaning a lot of your time is spent replenishing your body and mind through spiritual meditations and/or yoga. Sartorially, athleisure had a home in your wardrobe well before the pandemic hit and is an instant go-to. This matching Emilio Pucci sports bra and leggings is a dose of colour compared to the abundant drab options currently on the market, and if you need to make a run to the cornershop to pick up the essentials – read: green tea by the bucketload and hummus crisps – throw on this Arket polo top. This Glacce water bottle with a removable clear quartz will bring positivity and clarity, as well as hydration, into your body, and if you're lacking in energy whilst out and about, have your anatomē rollerball at the ready for a holistic energy boost. 

The Three Day Bender Partyer
Kesha's lyric, the party doesn't start till I walk in rings true for you wild one, as this long weekend will see you painting the town red. With it being the first bank holiday where we can now properly hit the clubs, it's a cause for celebration, which no doubt you'll be doing with an infinite amount of alcohol and an endless amount of dancing. Alongside your ID, bank card and your phone, the next essential is a killer outfit. This LPD (little pink dress) from Emilia Wickstead will see you through fad trends and live in your wardrobe as a clubbing classic. Paired with a crystal bag from Roger Vivier and these Mary Janes from Nodaleto, you'll be catching the eye of many other night owls. Dreading the h-word the next day? Fear not, this hangover kit from Skyn will have you up and ready to go out on the town again in no time. 

The Weekend Getaway Traveller
Pack your bags; you're going on holiday! Those who plan to go away over the bank holiday fall into two categories. One: those who relish the opportunity to not use up a holiday day and have booked this excursion at least eight weeks in advance; and two: the ones who forgot that the coming Monday isn't a working day, and with nothing better to do, have spontaneously decided to leave the city. Either way, your heart calls for adventure and this weekend is the time to embark on one. Whether you're traversing the English countryside or exploring a European city, this weekend bag from Métier will house everything you need, of which, should include this worker jacket from Toogood. Lightweight, with deep enough pockets to house the entity of your suitcase and in a eye catching shade that will make you easy to spot within crowds, this jacket has all components of a perfect holiday piece. To continue the red train, take these Le Specx x More Joy sunglasses for added sun protection and if you're in need of some sandals that are suitable for multiple terrains, opt for this Ganni pair.

The Cultural Enthusiast
Whether it be the captivating scenes of a Hockney painting or a mummified tomb from the Egyptian period, any exhibit that has your brain bursting with new information and ideas is your happy place. But sometimes, life is just too busy to be spending hours roaming places like the V&A, yet with the extended weekend giving the gift of time, this weekend is a prime opportunity to do exactly that. What to wear? Keep it minimal and utilitarian to avoid being distracted from what surrounds you. Cue: a simple white tee from COS; some wide leg jeans from JW Anderson; terry cloth flip flops from Ancient Greek Sandals; and finally, a literal daisy chain from Wilhelmina Garcia. This look shouts intellectual sophistication, and will be a sartorial mainstay. 

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