Tucked away in the pruned gardens of St. Paul’s Church, a quiet spot neighbouring the hustle and bustle of London’s Covent Garden, fashion designer Eudon Choi presented his Spring/Summer 2024 collection. As the late morning sunshine beamed down on the aged concrete slabs leading up to the church entrance, models walked the runway lined with blooming flowers in Eudon’s latest sartorial offering.

Ever an expert in elevating the everyday with lightweight, comfortable clothing that doesn't fall short of meticulous craft in construction, Eudon’s work is informed by his menswear tailoring training in Seoul. This season, the designer delivered on his promise once more with muted, suit staples and easy breezy dresses, with the occasional injection of sunshine yellow, coral, baby pink and sky blue, plus a new print, which echoed the show’s floral surroundings.

The new collection, titled Chasing Butterflies, set out to encapsulate the nuance of emotions and moods, rather than one singular theme. “Our approach to inspiration has evolved significantly over the seasons. Initially, we were fixated on specific sources of inspiration, whether it was art, architecture, or design movements. However, we found that this approach didn't always align with the times,” he told Because. So, instead of being tied down, the designer has shifted towards exploring broader emotions and feelings in recent seasons.

For his Resort 2024 collection, it was the sitters of Edward Hopper’s evocative paintings, and the artist’s masterful ability to capture moments of interiority that roused the designer. “His portrayal of light and the changing moods of a woman throughout the day deeply inspired us,” he explained, “We delved into the emotions and feelings of this woman as captured by Hopper's use of daylight. It evoked a sense of naivety and laziness.” The designer explored these qualities in his last collection, which featured day-to-night versatility and loose silhouettes steeped with whimsy.

This time, however, Eudon found his creative starting point in the gestural brushstrokes of French 19th-century Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot. “She was one of the few female Impressionist artists in a predominantly male field. Her work offered a different perspective, portraying scenes and women in a more realistic and less idealised manner, which resonated with us. Her approach felt closer to reality, and I found that sensibility very appealing,” he said.

The collection comes alongside the exciting news that the brand will be expanding its offering further on the newly launched Luxury Stores at Amazon. A platform for established and emerging luxury fashion and beauty brands, the site launched in Europe last year. "Amazon is very much a part of our everyday lives, everyone is familiar with it. It's a really exciting opportunity for an  independent small brand like us, we'll reach so many more people," he said. You can now shop Eudon’s Pre-Fall collection as well as his ongoing bag collaboration with Louis Quatorze.

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