Anyone who has a boyfriend, brother, dad or male bestie is probably guilty of stealing a cosy jumper or two. Sometimes female sartorial styles don’t quite cut it when after ultimate comfort and nothing beats an oversized layer for lounging in. But this summer’s latest easy-breezy trend is knocking jumpers off the top spot. Worn by supermodels and influencers alike, boxer shorts are the latest comfortable, chic, and versatile piece. Watch out men – you have been warned!

Cast your mind back to 2004, when a young Natalie Portman stole a dashing Jude Law’s blue pair for bed in the cult film Closer; or the unmatched easy beauty of Calvin Klein’s 90s ads when the like of Kate Moss and Christy Turlington borrowed the boy’s briefs and boxers. Today though, the trend is no longer just for bedtime or sultry underwear campaigns, it’s become an everyday staple.

It all started with Miu Miu’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show when models walked the runway with their boxer waistbands peeking out above a low-waisted utilitarian skirt. But it wasn’t until supermodels took the style to the next level off the runway – foregoing the skirt altogether and leaving their boxer shorts on full show – that the trend really took off.

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung have all adopted the reimagined, comfy alternative to underwear-as-outerwear in their own street style, providing an abundance of inspiration. Bella sold the style to sport chic lovers, matching a pair of tighty whities with a statement motorcycle jacket and ugg boots, while Kendall offered breezy summer energy with oversized shorts and a casual oxford shirt. Alexa adapted the trend to her ever-eclectic style by pairing purple striped shorts with a lime green top and heeled loafers (a second pair of silver mary-janes in hand, of course).

As soon as these paparazzi shots hit the internet, the trend was quickly scooped up by fashion TikTokers. It’s not surprising #boxershorts now has 55.6 million views on the app: not only are boxers comfortable in both holiday heatwaves and long office days, but they're also effortlessly easy to style and – perhaps most importantly – attainable to all. With Uniqlo’s striped boxers available from most high streets in London for just £7.90, it’s never been easier to adopt the viral trend.

From left to right: @whittgilly, @chloemihailo and @sarahazka20

Of course, there are certain boxes that boxers have to tick for the no-trousers look. Finding a pair with buttons over the fly and a flattering fit from all angles might not be possible just by digging through your boyfriend's underwear drawer. Luckily for us, savvy brands have started to cotton onto the trend and are now offering a range of boxer-like shorts for women, with John Lewis reporting that sales of boxer-style shorts from womenswear brands have grown 53% since last year, according to the Guardian.

Hommegirl’s original white boxer shorts are the epitome of a wardrobe staple, with a casual fit, longer in-seam to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and a dash of flair with an imprinted waistband. If you’re not ready to dive head-first into no-trouser territory, Reformation’s Willow shorts are a safer alternative that keep the stripes and relaxed fit characteristic of boxers, while offering a high, tailored waist and even back pockets.

Here are a few of our go-to favourites for the ultimate underwear outfit…

By Mimi Francis