If you know where you stand on the skincare spectrum – in other words, your complexion is definitively dry or definitively oily – then you’re generally aware of whether it's hydration-boosting or sebum-stripping properties you need to look out for in your products. If, however, you’ve been dealt the ‘combination’ card (the type that, typically, equates to an oily T-zone and desert-dry cheeks), things can get a little more complicated…

Working with skin that simply can’t make up its mind throws a real spanner in the works with even the most basic of beauty buys. Thankfully, cult vegan Australian brand Aēsop recognised how many of us fall into this bracket – and, starting with the foundations of skincare, its clever folks cannily formulated a cleanser, toner and hydrator that address the complaints of combination skin. 

The mild, gel-based In Two Minds Facial Cleanser with salicylic acid, sage leaf and witch hazel starts by removing excess oils and gently decongesting pores, without stripping the skin of essential nutrients; the In Two Minds Facial Toner is a refreshing formula that soothes and balances to prep the skin for hydration; the non-greasy In Two Minds Facial Hydrator with andiroba seed, copaiba seed and acai is a lightweight botanical blend that purifies and nourishes without overburdening the skin, leaving it with a matte finish.

Three steps. Two Minds. One solution.

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