When a platform or a website becomes so engrained in one's day-to-day browsing routine, it often takes a milestone to make one question where and when it all began. That's why, as cosmetics-and-wellness go-to Cult Beauty celebrates its first double-digits birthday, we're speaking to its founder Alexia Inge to discover the former model's tips and tricks after 10 years in the business. 

Best New Discovery… 
The Illuminating Eye Crème from Tata Harper is insanely good! (Tata came to town recently, and when I told her I hadn’t tried this product yet, she looked at me as if I’d said I hadn’t tasted ice cream.) It’s like a ‘Klingon Cloaking Device’ for dark circles and eye bags – yes, it’s expensive, but it lasts for three months at the very minimum since only a tiny bit is needed. And, I repeat, it sorts out my dark circles!

Best Relaxation Treatment… Without question, my best relaxation treatment is the Therapie range. The Himalayan Detox Salts are a shortcut to experiencing the unadulterated sleep of a recently fed baby (or a husband watching a RomCom) – in fact, the first time I bathed with these, I woke up in the morning and one of my feet was still on the floor from falling asleep while I got into bed…

Best Travel Companion… The flight check-in process is becoming more and more aggravating nowadays, with barely a spare second to buy one’s outsized Toblerone. By the time that I’ve finally found my seat, I’m a ball of stress – so, the first bottle that I pull out of my stupidly-tiny-security-issue-plastic-ziplock-bag is the UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil to soothe the pre-flight angst. 

The application ritual involves massaging drops between one’s toes, which certainly piques the interest of my fellow passengers; then, as I apply more drops to my temples, neck, wrist pulse points and inhale three deep breaths from my cupped hands, the aroma hits them… It’s at this point that I tend to get shy enquiries about my strange behaviour, and then the ritual is shared along the row. 

Best Pre-Party Essential… A really good post-party essential – that works like a hangover muffler, if you drink it just before bed ­– is H3O Hydration Salts by Rejuvenated, designed to complement a good skincare regimen and plump your skin from the inside. When I first read the description, my party mind went into overdrive! They contain ionic minerals that bond with water to allow faster passage through the stomach wall to correct cell fluid imbalances more effectively. Cells become healthier, more effective at their individual jobs and better able to metabolise waste… It’s utterly brilliant!

Oh! I just remembered my pre-party essential… It’s the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner; even the dingiest, sweatiest basement dives can’t dislodge it!

Can’t Live Without… Almost everything on Cult Beauty is absolutely essential! In fact, it’s unfair to make me choose just one… So, these are the other pieces that I’ll take in my carry-on when those dastardly people at EasyJet try to limit my skincare habits. (Don’t tell my other childr– I mean errrm, beauty products.)

- MV Organic Skincare, 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic
- VENEffect, Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer
- Allies of Skin, Molecular Saviour Mist
- Briogeo, 
Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask
- Therapie, Cherish Skin Repair Serum
- OUAI Haircare, Wave Spray
- Jouer Cosmetics, Luminizing Moisture Tint