The world of wellness runs verdant with chlorophyll-bright juices, calming meditative mantras and healing crystals; it's a trend (if you can call it such) that dominated 2017, and we’d hedge our bets that you probably tried your fair share of the philosophy’s offerings. But, whether or not dabbling in its turmeric-spiced ways left you a skeptic or a convert, we urge you to take note of this new skincare line and its time-honoured philosophy.

It’s no secret that we’re champions of vegan skincare and Almora Botanica has got under (and into) our skin with its 100% natural range that has ancient Indian healing at its core.

Taking its name from a small village in the Himalayas, the range is inspired by Ayurvedic principles – an ancient wellness system that originated in the Indian subcontinent over 5,000 years ago, honing in on the connection between mind and body. Drawing on this practice, Almora Botanica’s products aim to replenish – not only your skin but your spirit, too.

It’s a job well done! From an evening face wash infused with Himalayan cedar and patchouli – as soothing as it is effective – to a Glow Away face oil that feels like honey and exudes intoxicating aromas of heady lavender, this range will leave your visage as dewy as a newborn baby.

Replenishing, indeed!

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