The timeline of the traditional fashion calendar means that, more often than not, we're required to wait on tenterhooks for months before runway ensembles are ready for our wardrobes... Not so for the dewy-skinned beauty on show at Altuzarra! Masterminded by Hungarian wellness brand Omorovicza – a luxury label that harnesses the healing properties of the country's renowned thermal waters – models were treated to a nourishing facial routine that you can now replicate in the comfort of your bathroom. 

Omorovicza therapist, Rachael, explained her step-by-step guide to recreating the backstage treatment.

Firstly, cleanse and prep the skin with Moor Cream Cleanser to cool, and cleanse the face.
It is the texture and infusion of Camphor that makes it feel so luxurious and nourishing; it also doesn’t strip the skin of any oils, leaving it moisturized and hydrated after cleansing. Plus, it boasts antiseptic and cooling effects on the skin – which can be enhanced by keeping the product in the fridge!

Straight after, mist the face with our new Magic Moisture Mist to hydrate and prime.
We are living in such a fast paced society where time is a luxury – hence the hype around mists. This particular method of application caters to our demographic. The Magic Moisture Mist is a perfect way to moisturize the skin whilst limiting the passing of bacteria; it is also great to mist over makeup and keep your skin hydrated on the go. Through the day, makeup can dry our skin out so mists are perfect to support our skin throughout the day.  

To stimulate lymph and blood flow, a lymphatic massage is a must using our Instant Perfection Serum and Oxygen Booster.
This involves special movements and lifting techniques to promote lymph flow and blood stimulation – always work upwards and repeat movements at least three times. Don’t be afraid to move and stimulate the muscles and make contact with the skin. Think of it as a workout for your face.

To finish off your skin routine, apply a generous amount of the Illuminating Moisturiser and add Lip Balm with a healthy spritz of Magic Moisture Mist.
All of the products give the skin such a nice glow that it really isn’t necessary to wear makeup afterwards. I would recommend using the Illuminating Moisturiser for sure, but the extra spritz of mist is optional, depending on the condition of your skin.

If it's good enough for Paris Fashion Week, it's good enough for you! Shop the Omorovicza treatments here: