There’s a certain thrill that comes with breaking from tradition – and yet, just as often, applying a time-honoured mantra of “if it ain’t broke…” can also prove equally as pertinent.

Amly Botanicals – the brainchild of homeopathy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy specialist Kerry Moore and fine artist Elisa Smallpeice – has carved a niche for itself through championing this precise philosophy. Looking to ancient preparations and age-old methods, extracting essential oils and hydrolates from flora and fauna that have been long revered for their healing properties, hand-stirred blends are a seamless recipe of holistic care and scientific results.

Sourcing from an organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex – dubbed in Old English as ‘Amly’ (see where they’re going with this?) – Amly Botanicals has grounded its practice in bucolic England and our ancestors’ knowledge of the rural terrain, to create an aromatic and potent ‘alchemy’ of advanced care for the mind, body and soul.

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