Deep in the forests of northern Sweden, an ‘ecoluxury’ skincare and perfume revolution is happening. Björk & Berries brings age-old traditions and indigenous raw herbs, plants and berries up to speed with advanced technology that melds arenas of luxury and sustainability.

Its artisan range – which promises 95-100% natural ingredients – delivers unrivaled blends through a ‘less is more’ approach (seriously Scandi, naturally), minimising the quantity of active ingredients, but plumping for those that pack a powerful punch.

The purest forms of local flora and fauna take bloom within the range – with birch bark, organic linseed and jojoba seed oils proving ubiquitous properties across the face, body and hair products. Skincare looks to healing and cleansing organic birch leaf extract to ditch dried-out skin for good, probiotics to balance and soothe, and the BHA from white willow bark for deep exfoliation. Body lotions comprise anti-inflammatory and Omega 3-rich organic linseed oil to nourish, and perfumes capture the myriad scents of nature, bottling everything from the sweetness of rose, fig leaves and peaches to the mysterious muskiness of patchouli and cedar wood.

Indulge in a slice of Swedish serenity. Shop the Björk & Berries range here: