It’s no secret that the only real “makeup” I know how to put on myself is red lipstick. It’s my tried and tested way to get event ready whenever I have to dash from the office to somewhere fancy. So when my friend, the advocate for luxury organic beauty products, Kirsten Kjaer Weis asked me “What red would you create?”, I was ready to go all Josef Albers. Collaborating with her on two new red shades for her lipstick collection was an utter dream.

I’ve long been a fan of Kjaer Weis, appreciating Kirsten’s passionate research and development into truly organic formulations of everyday beauty products. I have been using The Beautiful Oil for the last two years as my go-to-moisturiser and when I do wear foundation it’s her brush on Just Sheer Cream. Her mascara is impossibly light and smells of roses

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So, when it came to creating my dream reds (and I have a collection of many, many red lipsticks that I love and wear constantly), I started from my childhood. Autumns in Canada are another level. The nation’s famous red maple leaves that line the streets before winter became transformed into the lipstick Sucré, with its deep autumnal red hue. Amour Rouge is more orange based, inspired by the small, heart shaped Saga seeds I'd pick up on the streets in Singapore when I went to visit my grandparents there every summer. 

With these reds from the heart, and continuing Kirsten’s commitment to empowering women, we decided to partner with the amazing charity Women for Women, who work in rehabilitating and giving confidence to women from war-torn communities. 100% of my profits are going to the charity, and Kirsten is also donating from Kjaer Weis’ side, so that a full 25% of the retail price will go directly to fund Women for Women’s important work. Which all just goes to show that feeling party-ready doesn’t only have to be about self-indulgence.

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