"My advice is that you shouldn’t wait for the lines to appear; you should start to treat that area of vulnerability and start stimulating collagen to prevent them."

The last time we met with renowned dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross – to learn the various ways that pollutants can affect our complexion, and how best to go about preventing them – he was adamant that good skincare practice should begin before you think you’ll need it. In other words, it’s easier to prevent the signs of time and tiredness than it is to reverse them altogether.

Now, a few months on, we’re seeing the evolution of his philosophy culminate into the space age-looking DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro – a pioneering piece of beauty technology (that wouldn’t look out of place on the shelves of CyberDog), which promises to provide a picture-perfect visage at the click of a button.

A revolution in take-home treatments, recreating the potency of Dr. Gross’ signature medical light therapy sessions, the mask harnesses the power of 100 red LED lights in a four spectra of red light, as well as 62 blue LED lights that join the party to smooth, firm and even-out the skin’s surface.

How? While the latter works to target and destroy P. acnes bacteria and tackle breakouts in advance, the red light kick-starts the body’s natural stimulation of collagen and elastin, giving your skin that springy appearance that usually only comes after a year of clean eating and brisk walks on the beach.

Of course, there is its price – which at £430 RRP puts the FaceWare Pro at the weightier end of what we’d normally spend on our beauty regimes. However, if you consider the not-insignificant cost of going into a salon for a similar light treatment once a month, let alone on a daily basis, this product’s value-per-wear is a (quite literally) glowing example of clever investing.

Plus, if you whip it out come Christmas, it might just scare the In-Laws away...  

Supplement your inner glow with some outer glow... Shop the Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite series and beauty range here:

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