From dating advice to DIY to everything in between, it’s true what they say… Mother knows best!

In medical terms, pharmacognosy is cut from a similar cloth of thinking – a scientific study concerned with plant remedies and (Mother) nature’s medicine cabinet. This was the basis of Dr Simon Jackson’s two decades of research, before he launched his eponymous skincare range; his thirst for knowledge took him near and far from Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens all the way to Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Now, with Dr Lori Bystrom spearheading the charge for progress in her role as Chief Scientific Officer, the brand is driving forward with luxury products and natural, organic teas created in collaboration with rural communities across the globe. At the heart of it all, remains an ethnobotanical mindset and a commitment to natural purity.

Doctor’s orders: take your skin back to nature!

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