Maintaining a balanced life can occasionally feel like an art that only an enlightened few have mastered – and yet (forget what you’ve heard!), in trusting in the power of nature, it is possible to become more balanced, and be both healthier and happier for it. The Five Element Theory or ‘Wu Xing’ – a core belief in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy – argues that, in order to achieve equilibrium, each of the five elements (that’s wood, fire, earth, metal and wind) must be in harmony with one another.

This is the premise upon which Elemental Herbology built its premium-grade range of skincare. So, prepare to find your inner zen as we reach for four of the brand’s bestsellers...

Cell Nourish Radiance And Vitality Serum
Described by the brand as a ‘powerhouse’ of proteins, this potent potion will leave your skin revelling in goodness upon application. Designed to lock in both moisture and nutrients, choice plant extracts work in unison to do everything you want your serum to do – and then some! Utilising the unique Kombuchka™ ingredient, the brand means serious business, getting to work to deliver a ‘lipo-filling effect, without surgery’. Meanwhile, CoQ10 and green tea extracts protect the cells from free radical damage. Where do we sign up?

Facial Glow Radiance Peel
For those of us who have only a matter of minutes to get our faces into gear in the mornings, this quick-as-a-flash peel works in as little as 120 seconds to remove unsightly dead skin cells thanks to a gentle formula of apple, papaya and orange; in the meantime, Sepitonic™, a multivitamin energiser composed of zinc, magnesium and copper, promotes better cellular metabolism. Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming!

Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream
Cue the music… We woke up like this! This esteemed night cream has been gaining some serious kudos from those in the know – and we can certainly see why! Granactive retinoid, one of its myriad hero ingredients, is perhaps quicker to describe by listing what it can’t do, but we love a challenge… An advanced complex that stimulates cell turnover, it also reduces pigmentation and the appearance of pore size, while simultaneously improving elasticity and helping to plump out fine lines. (Breathe!) Plant C-Stem™ aids recovery for over-exposed skin, improving collagen production to boot, and natural AHAS promotes the shedding of dead skin cells, uncovering your natural radiance. So… Bring on the day!

Vital Cleanse Facial Cleanser
The cat’s whiskers for those who swear by a double-cleanse regime, this bottle of botanicals contains manuka honey – an anti-inflammatory that minimises breakouts and brightens every last bit of skin it touches – Vitamin C and papaya extract, which work together to break-down dead skin cells and stimulate new cell renewal, and green tea – the antioxidant A-lister helping to protect against and prevent oxidative damage. Conclusion? A complexion that’s refreshed, radiant and rearing to go.

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