There are two kinds of people in this world: morning people, and nighttime people. Any attempts to convert one into the other, or to convince a lark of the virtues of the owl are, quite frankly, futile. That is, until you get skincare involved

In the same way that there are calming, meditative products that help the nocturnal creatures amongst us to slide towards the Land of Nod, so too are there magical elixirs that will bring the ‘shine’ to the ‘rise’ of even the staunchest morning naysayers. Enter Elixseri’s aptly named Opening Act serum.

A fluid gel that’s brimming to the back teeth with natural resurfacing actives, it gets to work while you’re snoring so that, when you do eventually awake, you’ll spring to life with a complexion that’s refreshed, glowing and smooth to the touch. Elixseri has even developed an exclusive innovation of Swiss Alpine Crystallised Water; originating from the Glarus Alps glaciers, and as though conjured from the pools of the Fountain of Youth itself, it allows the formula to penetrate deep into the skin, reducing chronic inflammation as it goes. Pores are decongested with the dynamite double act of tropical papaya and noni ferment, both potent actives that also balance the skin’s microbiome, keeping you refreshed and luminous from Opening Act to curtain call.

Never say 'never'… Elixseri will make a morning lark of you yet!

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