Refreshed eyes are a requisite in our mission to reaching bright-eyed and bushy-tailed nirvana each morning – sleep-deprived dark circles and puffy peripheries have no place on the agenda! That’s why, in extreme cases of unavoidable instances, our top three potent concoctions will come in handy to provide immediate relief, protect your peepers and prevent ongoing sleepyhead symptoms. Cast an eye over this lovely lot... 

Best for… Brightening
Skyn Iceland prides itself on serving as a solution for stressed-out skin – and its Brightening Eye Serum, with arctic peptides for bolstering collagen production, is (in a nutshell) the antidote to eyes that have burned the candle at both ends. Packed with potent algae extracts and powerful antioxidants too, this supercharged primer serum excels in relaxing muscles, brightening, hydrating and de-puffing in a single sweep; in other words, you’ll get the appearance of a full night’s sleep, even when the reality is a different story!

Best for… Crow’s Feet
The skin around the eyes is by far the most delicate area on the face, and therefore a regular hangout spot for the dreaded deep-set crow’s feet – ergo, it’s only right that it’s given a little extra love to resurface (via Vitamin A or retinol) and restore (via Vitamin C). Cue a Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning laboratory – that’s in fact famous for its discovery of Vitamin C – with a patented Hydro Mineral Transference and its signature anti-inflammatory colloidal gold… Omorovicza’s Gold Eye Lift is a tough one to beat!. 

Best for… Puffiness 
Since eyes are the windows to the soul, the last thing we need is to be subjected to XXL puffy peepers. Utilising the high-purity antioxidant, Bioavailable Cannabidiol (CBD) – for which the skin has native receptors – as well as deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, MGC Derma taps into a new winning combination with its CBD Anti Puffiness & Dark Circles Eye Serum. Together, the duo visibly diminishes dark circles and shrinks puffy surroundings, which is probably why this pocket savior has become the apple of our eye(s)!

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