The ‘Paradise of the Pacific’, Antipodean nation New Zealand, is a place of unadulterated natural beauty with picture-postcard landscapes of mountains, volcanoes, glaciation and green space… And, with that, comes a thriving, organic crop that’s just waiting to be harnessed in skincare

Enter Antipodes. Native “Kiwi” and scientist Elizabeth Barbalich’s labour of love that’s trailblazing in the natural skincare scene with a new science-backed niche, Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty™. Boasting nutrient-dense, unpolluted, and premium natural ingredients from her motherland – like revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape from sauvignon blanc grapes (see, a tipple IS healthy!), anti-inflammatory Manuka honey, and hydrating avocado oil – the skincare range that covers all bases from cleansing (we love the Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser and Makeup Remover) to moisturiser (praise be to Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light Day Cream) and masking (hello, Halo Skin-Brightening Face Mud Mask), gives way to a totally organic regimen overhaul.

Better yet, it doesn’t just stop at skincare! Mineral foundations, packed with kiwi and aforementioned Vinanza Grape, bestow coverage and the coveted dewy-glow while simultaneously improving skin health, and lipsticks lovingly created with superfoods are so healthy that not only do they give your lips some TLC, but they’re actually good enough to eat… Bon Appétit!

Tuck into products with skin performance, proven by science; shop Antipodes: