From the ambiance of elevators to classic silver cufflinks, inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere when it comes to the world of fragrance – and SS18’s spirited-away scents are no exception.

Bottling and evoking the sentiment of far-flung landscapes – and the freedom that comes with migrating from place to place – this season’s perfumes have adopted a nomadic mindset, transporting us to the ravines and ridges of Arizona’s Sonora Desert through to Tamarindo in Costa Rica… And they don’t half smell like summer!

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MEMO PARIS – Tamarindo
You haven’t known wanderlust until you’ve tapped ‘Costa Rica Coastline’ into your search engine. Waterfalls, remote beaches, tropical rainforests – heaven really is a place on earth. Clara and John Molloy of fragrance designer Memo Paris – who soothe their ‘travel bugs’ through immortalising memories of landscapes into scents – couldn’t help but make the trip from their native Paris to experience it all in the flesh. The result? ‘Tamarindo’ (taking its name from the town fabled for paradise sands and strong surf in the Guanacaste Province), a heady yet sweet concoction with notes of tropical pineapples, jasmine, vanilla and patchouli. It’s the next best thing to booking a one-way ticket outta’ here!

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Chloé – Nomade
Nomad [Noun]: a person who does not stay long in one place; a wanderer. The free-spirited, adventurous nature of the nomad who roams as they please is one that we all desire to embody on the daily – and a feeling that Chloé has managed to capture and bottle for its carefree woman. Short of taking a sabbatical to explore the farthest corners of the Amazon (tempting as that sounds), a spritz of ‘Nomade’ – the floral chypre composition shrouded with cherry plum, oak moss and notes of rose – will do the trick to conjure a dream-like feeling of escapism.

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Proenza Schouler – Arizona
Traversing a new terrain of perfume – and, temporarily, abandoning their New York habitat to the vast expanse of Arizona’s Sonora Desert – Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler bottle a Southern state-of-mind in their debut scent, ‘Arizona’. While themes of unplugging and reconnecting with your inner self lead the story, respect for nature is at the fragrance’s core, with white cactus flower, jasmine, musk and orange blossom (chosen to represent the desert sun) blended together in an innovative bottle that takes its design cue from the faceted angles of desert rocks.